Monday, 23 September 2013

I guess I've started a blog?

Well hey there! Guess I best introduce myself! I'm Sophie Cullen, (no I don't know Edward, sadly) a 23 year old fashion obsessive from Bristol!

 I don't know what I've been doing all these years but I have only recently stumbled upon the amazing world of fashion and lifestyle blogging! Yes I know have I spent my life under a rock?! I'm just not the best... 'I.T' person shall we put it. God knows how I'll cope when cars are like hover planes and stuff! I cant even work an iPhone! ios 7 wtf?!
 But anyway, despite my erm.. technical disability I've decided in the name of fashion, to start my own blog! So we'll see how this goes!

First off...

Just look at how beautiful this book is.

Now I know this is technically not a fashion post but I just bought this book today and I cannot contain my excitement about it! I'm not even an Alexa fan per se so I know, how weird! But just the simplicity of the woven front cover and her own eye I love it. Perfect coffee table book! Inside it's just as pretty and details Alexa's weird way into how she discovered the distinct look she is so famous for today. Crediting the Spice Girls and Annie hall as I've read so far! A perfect buy for anyone interested in fashion.